The Massive Spectacular 2018
Fusion Belly Dance, ECC 2017, TroyBoi "Do You"
Orientalis: Exotic Dance 2015

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    Jul 21, 2020, 7:00 PM


Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi



Michelle Sorensen

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Michelle Sorensen is a professional fusion artist with over a decade of dedicated dance training. As a forever student, she has sought instruction from some of the most innovative dancers in and out of the fusion and MENATH scenes. Along with MENATH inspired dance styles, she has developed a love for Aerial Arts, Exotic Dance, Contemporary Dance, and Jamaican Dancehall/Twerk. Cross-training in these genres has helped her with stamina, strength, flexibility and finding her own fusion style. She hopes to touch the hearts of those she teaches through vulnerability, honesty, and unwavering love for movement in all it’s beautiful forms. Her life is also occupied with being a wife and mother, a fitness enthusiast, a collector of interesting psychology reads, and a plant hoarder. She is available for instruction, private lessons and workshops both locally and internationally.



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